Condor Convention Day 1

Here in San Diego we have a local sf con in February/March called Condor. Today was the first day on the convention.

Now Condor is a small convention. 300-400 people in attendance usually is my understanding. I went to several panels, the best being on weapons of the Victorian Age. This turned into a show and tell of fire arms from 1830 thru 1900 and the panelists brought their own collection. It was a big table full of firearms. The panelist were well informed and I had a good time.

There were other panels on the theme of the convention РSteampunk, including panels on Oz and  Alice in Wonderland and other aspects of Victoria culture, such as their interest in the paranormal.

All in all it was a decent day that ended in a mild headache.


One thought on “Condor Convention Day 1”

  1. Historical fire arms? And me on the wrong coast? Horrors!!! We must repair this injustice at once! I demand and require that the convention be instantly teleported to my backyard (in a blue police box, naturally,) and that the panel be restarted at my convenience! (all right, allright, a girl can dream, can’t she…)

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