A week of modest achievements

This week was not too bad. I managed to give an answer at work in a training class that made our General Manager happy. I got writing complete on all five days of the work week and I not entirely unhappy with the results, and I started invoking Rule 1.

i.e. I did about 30 min of light cardio this morning in our complex’s gym. Something I plan to do three times a week.


6 thoughts on “A week of modest achievements”

    1. Rule 2 ONLY applies in actual combat with the undead. As I had no actual combat with the undead last week, rule 2 could not have been among one of my minor achievements.

      1. tish tosh

        Rule 2 only applies to zombie attack as much as Rule 1 only applies to zombie attack. Double tap did not originate in Zombieland, it’s been around for decades.

        1. Fine but Rule 2 does apply to comabt only. Without combat there is no double-tap. Except for Moderne Warfare 2 there was no combat.

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