Stupidity masquerading as News Reporting

This news report – on our local station I’m sad to say — is a prime example of the mindlessness that passes a Tv news today. Really? With all the problems in the world, hell with all the problems in San Diego a dysfunctional local government, crumbling infrastructure, and all the rest these bozos spend valuable air time and resources on a piece about the dangers of a freaking Ouija board?
It’s cardboard, ink, and plastic for god’s sake nothing more. There is no magic to the freaking ouija board. They’re made in china. What do these people think is going over there? Blood Sorcerers enchanting each piece as it gets printed, stamped, and packaged?
Look at who they went to for opinion; mindless drone who are the types to give religious people bad names. I know a number of religious people and frankly they don’t think like this.
Oh Karen Thompson, so what if Ouija boards freaked you out as a kid. Lots of things freak lots of kids out. Clowns. Many a kid has endless nightmares about the clowns, shall do scary ‘news’ reports about them too?
Pastor Phelan? Spend a little less time worrying about cheap Chinese junk and a little more time about how to open hearts vs closing minds and I think you’ll be a little closer to god’s work.
The piece really went off the cliff when they went to the random internet comments as sources of opinion. Hell bells I was waiting for someone to comment that Hitler liked them or some other mind rotting garbage.
That 1st amendment protects fools and prophets alike.