We got lucky

As you may have seen on the news winter storms swept through souther California this week. San Diego is not set-up for storm and never deals well with rain.

On the worst day of the storm we had winds gusting to nearly sixty miles per hour and heavy rainfall. Our freeways were congested and power was failing all over the county. Trees also fell with alarming regularity.  Below is a photo of just how lucky my sweetie-wife and I got on Thursday.

tThe building beyond the fallen tree is our condo building and our unit it just out of frame to the right. ¬†thursday night I walked up th steps on the right side of the frame, turned and went inside and totally failed on my spot roll in that I did not notice the tree. (It was night, but still that’s a pretty massive spot fail don’t you think?

Here’s a close up of the roots of this tree.


One thought on “We got lucky”

  1. Looks like what happens in my neck of the woods when the Cat. 2s & 3s (almost 4s) come through. You should have seen the trees after Francis – bigger and alot older. You were lucky. If it had fallen the other way you’d be house-less. Hugs! M

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