Loscon report the second

So it is Sunday morning and day two of Loscon 36 is not but a memory. It is a happy memory.
Many of the panels I attended were aimed towards writers and I found them at least entertaining and mildly informative. (The truth of the matter is that much of was geared toward the novice writer and I have advanced beyond much of that advice.)
I did attend a presentation on a book called “Keep Watching The Skies! American SF films of the 50’s.” Man, I want that book.
It big and heavy, so heavy it hurt my poor arthritic fingers, but for a classic SF film nut like your humble host it is the perfect reference material.
Sadly it runs $99 and that is just beyond what I can afford to pay for a book.

Plenty of parties in the evening and there were fun. (Though I did miss my sweetie-wife. She stayed in the room still under the weather from a flu she has been fighting.) I did make a connected with an editor of an SF podcast, so I might be getting a story online that way soon.