Blu-ray Review Star Trek (2009)

blu-ray-star-trekOn Thanksgiving I also watched the blu-ray of Star Trek with the audio commentary on, finishing off all the bonus materials that were included on the disc. Unlike,  G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, this blu-ray was packed with bonus material.

With the Star Trek blu-ray there is a second disc just for all the short documentaries on the making of the film. They are entertaining and informative. There are also a few deleted scenes, most are unneeded for the story but I do wish that they had kept the longer version of young Kirk takes the car. In the longer version you see Kirk’s older brother George — I wonder if he’s going to end up toast in this alternate universe — and more importantly to me you learn that the car does not belong to Kirk’s stepfather, but rather belonged to his actual father. Stealing it was an act of rebel and taking back from the stepfather what was not his. It was kind of nice.

The transfer for the film to blu-ray was perfect. Even while listening to the commentary track I kept getting sucked in the beauty of the images on the screen. the Commentary track is Director J.J. Abrams, two producers, and the two writers of the script. You can tell that these people enjoy working with each other and have a passion for the material. The writers even joked about putting in an after credit sequence with the S.S. Botany Bay, but decided against it.

If you like bonus material this disc set is for you.


LosCon Report The First

So this weekend is LosCon 36, the annual L.A. area science-fiction and fantasy convention. Time is short for me this morning so this will be a brief report on the first day of the convention. (Which was Friday, yesterday.)
We left San Diego about 9 am and got to the hotel about 11 am. It was a pleasant drive we passed the time with conversation and a few thorny problems in firearms and armor in an SF environment.

The first panel was SF Horror films, but it really turned into a conversation on SF films in general. Still it was entertaining.

After lunch I was at SF Economics with the Kolin brothers on the panel. They wrote ‘The Unincorporated Man’ something I need to read after I write Cawdor.

We ended the day with Bridget Landry of JPL and her Cassini probe presentation. Always worth seeing.

Sweetie-wife and I walked several blocks for dinner at a little Greek place. It was decent. Then we came back and hit a couple of parties.

About 9pm I stopped by something called MEN INTO SPACE 50 years later. Turns out it was about a TV program that tried very hard to do stories about a US space program. It was really not bad at all.

I ended the night with a Zombie movie premier, Bled White. Not bad, it was about student film school level in quality but I watched the whole thing, and then was off to bed.