I’m not a religious person so this is not a time for me to give thanks and praise to an anthropomorphic deity; however we can still be thankful for the good thing and fortunes that have come our way.

First and foremost of course is my sweetie-wife. Meeting her in Boston September 2004 was truly one of life’s more fortunate turns. I have been and continue to be very happy with her in my life.

I am thankful for the good and loyal friends I have. They make up my west coast family and truly make life more enjoyable.

I have a good job with good pay and I work with good people. Few can truly say all of that, plus I help people at work. I know that right now I am making some people’s live truly better.

I sold a second story, proving that the first was not a fluke.

I thankful to have watched a good friend, Gail Carriger, publish her first novel. One that came up and out of the slush pile. I am so very happy for her.

Aside from a few minor problems under control with modern medication, I am in good health and in good spirits.

I have more and more visitors to this site and I am thankful for each and every return visit.

I hope your lives are going as well and as happily.