Not a Happy Camper

The plans I had for tonight were destroyed by a pizzeria.

I had a two hour long training session at my day-job today. It was pretty interesting but the room it was held in was very frigid. An hour later my toes still were numb from the cold. I decided I wanted something hotter than microwave meal for lunch. Next door there is a pizza place, Regent’s Pizza. I studied their menu carefully and selected a couple of slices from a pizza that had no mushroom and plenty of meat. (Deep dish — which I am going to have to avoid from now on.)

After eating the pizza I found a slice of mushroom in the box. I was, as Prince Humperdink put it ‘most put out.’ I called and complained. They agreed that no mushrooms should have been in the pizza.

My stomach has informed me that there were indeed mushrooms present. I have spent this evening cramped and unhappy. Luckily I have not vomited, but that just means tomorrow will be my special bathroom day.

Joy oh joy