An additional advantage to eReaders

So I have now read a few books on my Ezreader pro and I’ve discovered another advantage to reading on the eReader vs reading a dead tree edition.

I have a better idea of the quality of the writing than from just the dead tree.

It’s all about the ending. When I read 1633 I was shocked when there were no more pages turns left. The book felt incomplete. Too many loose ends left unresolved and so forth.

With other books I could feel that the author was bringing me safely back down to the end of the story. The arc of the narrative flowed and there was no sudden feeling of where the hell is the rest of the book.

I just finished reading Trading In Danger by Elizabeth Moon. (A book I would not have read had it not been for the EzReader Pro. Mysterious Galaxy had it in e-formats but not dead tree.) Even though the author left many threads open for further stories and novels, the story felt complete. Even though I could not see how many page turns I had left, I could feel the resolution of the ending unfolding. This did not happen with 1633.

I’m currently reading, and enjoying very much, Soulless by my friend Gail Carriger.