Follow-up on Sarah Palin

When Sarah Palin announced on the 4th of July that she was quitting as Governor of Alaska I had some conjectures as to why she did it.

Here’s one of them:

3) She’s gotten a better offer. Some sort of TV show or other major media spotlight that pays better and flatters her ego better. This is credible if that’s what she really wants. To be the conservative Oprah would be a gig she is well suited for — but then again I don;t a high opinion of Oprah as a thinker either. If this is the case we’ll hear about it soon, otherwise why quite now?

Now we’re near the release of her book, Going Rogue. (I assume it’s not a not to play thieves book for D&D Gamers.) This book is reported going to be released with 1.5 millions copies on the first printing.

This along with nice speaking fees for closed to the press speeches I think nicely demonstrates that Sarah Palin quite for the money.

The surprising thing is that she is still respected by many as a future leader of the Republican Party. A quitter.