No Sunday Night Movie

I was simply too exhausted to even watched a TV episode last night much less a full feature film. I will return to the Sunday Night Movie next weekend with either The Mist or We Were Soliders.

Sunday was a pretty good day overall. I saw a good movie — Zombieland — nearly won at Scrabble with my sweetie-wife and had a pleasant time hanging out with my pal.

Working is coming along on world-building for Cawdor. I’ve making tons of notes for a new human culture and new human religion. This will be the basis for one faction of the novel, the TANS. A lot of what I am putting together will not appear directly in the novel but it will inform how characters act and react to each other. The fun part will be presenting each culture truthfully with pluses and minuses. I’ll leave it up to the reader to decided which side is just and right in its war.

I do think life is messy and novels and arts shouldn’t be too cut and dried with good and bad guys.

(That was the biggest weakness in Eric Flint’s 1632 novel.)