A Good Day (Part 6)

No photographs this entry. We ended the tour with the Warner Brothers Museum. Sadly it was a no camera zone so I have no pictures of any of the items in the Museum. I did see many costumes and props and artifacts from the long history of WB films.

I saw the original prop for the film The Maltese Falcon. And I was shocked to learn that the prop Falcon weighs 43 whopping pounds. The tail feathers are bent from where it was dropped between takes.

There were also costumes from a number of recent films like Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street and The Watchmen. For The Watchmen costume all they had was Rorschach and the blue light suit worn to help create the character of Dr. Manhattan. (The rest of the main characters had their costumes on display in the guest center where the tour started.)

The second floor of the museum is dedicated to Harry Potter artifacts, including a sorting hat. An attendant holds the hat over your head and a random house is mentioned. Strangely for the second time this sort of thing has placed me in house Slytherin.

After this were returned to the Guest center and the tour was over.

If you love films and have the $200 to blow and a free day this tour is well worth it.