9-11 2001

No, I will not be using any picture taken that clear, awful, morning eight years ago today. We have the images burned into our brains, the horror is scarred into our retinas. The world changed and we need no mementos to remind us.

The impact of that terrible attack has been vast, terrible, and the final effects are unknown. We are as blind to the final effect of that act as anyone in 1914 trying to foresee the effect of their terrible terrorist action the assiassination of the Arch-Ducke.

In the years that have passed since 2001 a lot of people have passed a lot of words tryning to assign blame for the three thousand murdered in New York and Washington D.C. that morning.

Clinton and his administration have been blamed, Bush and his administration has been blamed. Mistakes were made by all sides, but it is unseemly to seek to find Americans to blame for that particulart horror.

The blame rests solely and forever on the murderous fantaics who planned and carried out the attacks.