A tough story

My werewolf story, A Taste of Tears and Blood, is kicking my butt, however I refuse to give in and quit on the story. I am going to get all the words down on the page and I am going to edit it. Now, I do not know if it is going to be good enough to send off to any markets, but I refuse to let it simply fade away incomplete.

The most frustrating thing about being stuck finishing A Taste Of Tears and Blood is that I have two novels backed up behind it. My next novel-sized project is Phaeton’s Phoenix a story about a young man’s quest for immortality and sex, then after Phaeton’s Phoenix I have the novel Cawdor an SF novel about mutiny and murder amid isolated military units.

Some may suggest working on the short story at the same time I work on a novel. I know there are authors who can do this, but I’ve never been able to juggle writing two different stories at the same time. I have to finish A Taste Of Tears and Blood or abandon it.