Video Game Saturday

So yesterday was a video game Saturday here at my place. I had four friends over and we connected four xbox 360’s together into a local network and had five people on four screens.
(This worked out well as I have a 42″ LCD HDTV and two people can share that screen quite easily.)
Mostly we played Halo 3 because it was not picky about who had which version.
Personally I like playing Call Of Duty more, but the programers of that game make it difficult for players to put together their own local area network games.
1st) they require that everyone be on the same version of the game. So those who have been playing on-line and updating their software now have software that is incompatible with the original discs.
2nd) When doing a LAN game the programmers of Call OF Duty do not allow players to share screen. One player to a scree, so the max number of players in a system link game is 4. (‘Cause you cannot connect more than 4 Xbox 360 together in a system link.) With Halo of to 4 people can be on each Xbox 360 so you could have up to 16 players on a local system link game.

Because of this we played a lot of HALO 3. When we tired of HALO 3, we switched to Call Od Duty:World At War and played the bonus zombie levels. They are a lot of fun, but we could only play two people at a time. One on my machine and one on my friend’s Nathan;s machine.

We did have a break for dinner, that my lovely sweetie-wife made for us. A simple dinner of hotdogs and salads, but with good friends and good conversation it was very pleasant.

This afternoon we’ll do board and card gaming so my sweetie-wife can join in.

Life is good,