Odd bits here and there

So it has been kinda slow day at the day job and I’ve spent a little break time on the internet.
I ended up on google maps looking at maps and pictures of my old hometown in Florida. (Verus my old hometown in North Carolina, moving when young can produce the two hometown syndrome.)

It was kind of odd the changes and the lack of changes. I found I could measure the distance from my old home to the home of a girl I was rather taken with back then. I used to walk from my house to hers and now I know that was about a seven mile walk.

(For those terribly curious, we dated, got engaged, never married and are now friends.)

I also saw a photo on google street view of a donut shop I used to stop at in the mornings on my way to school. Still there. I fondly remember getting a bag of donut holes to eat as I waited to be bussed to school.

I couldn’t find the old SunRise Theater where I saw so many movies. Either I was looking in the wrong spot or it’s history.

Curious the bits of memory and floatsam we gather in our lives.