A plan

So later this month I plan to do a couple of things I have been wanting to do for years. Some of this may seem cheesy and very touristy but hey it’s my time and money and not yours.
So I’m going to get dropped off at the Amtrak station on a Friday morning and take the train to L.A. From there I will make my way over to the Warner Brothers Studio and take their grand five hour tour. It’s pricey but I have wanted to do it since i first heard about it six or seven years ago.
Universal used to have a decent studio tour with a theme park element to it, now it is all theme park with the theme being movie studio. The WB tour is Monday – Friday of a working movie and TV studio. The five hour tour takes you into all the departments of the studio and includes a catered lunch in the Studio Cafeteria. I don’t think any of my friends think this is worth the price — or don’t have the cash at the moment to do it — so I will be doing it alone. (My sweetie-wife is not the movie fan I am so she will stay home during this, hence the train ride.)
Afterwards I’ll make my way over to Medieval Times and take in the dinner and show. Yeah this is very touristy, but ever since I’ve heard about the place I’ve wanted to do it once. I never got into the SCA, but I am a D&D player and fan so at least once I want to see the jousting battles — yeah I know as real as pro-wrestling– and just have the fun. My sweetie-wife will join me for this and then we’ll drive home.

I am so looking forward to it.