Troubled story

So I have been trying to get my werewolf story written and it has been a troublesome story. I have the beginning of the story on paper and I know how it is going to the end, but I’ve been struggling to find the voice and arc of the middle.
I have finally figured out where I’ve been going wrong and I think now I should be able to finish it. In reality I still hadn’t settled in what the story was really about. I had some ideas and some characters and some events but it didn’t add up to a complete story.
Now it has. I had that flash of inspiration that seems to bring it all together.
And I think I have found a market for it as well.
It’s a print market which is good. Call me old fashion but I still have a bias towards print. (It’s wrong head I know, but I started writing when computers were things writers simply didn’t have access to. I remember as a teenager lusting for an IBM selectric typewriter.)

Anyway I’m going to push and try to have a first draft finished within a week and a half.

We’ll see.