The Coming Massive Change

Right now in America we are debating health care which changes, if any, to make to our current system. (I believe that change is required, but that is not the focus of this post.) What I think is very difficult to see is how much things are going to change and change soon.
I think we are currently in a phase of history where health care will be the most expensive, but soon that is going to change. I think the transformation in health and biology by the year 2050 is going to be as massive and world altering as when physics changed the world from 1900 to 1950. We are going to get a great deal of control over the biological processes and be able to mold them to our purposes.

This can be the greatest boon to mankind since fire, or it can be a greater threat than nuclear weapons ever presented.

Take a look at the following article. In mice scientist have completely reversed MS. This is big and it’s big for more than just MS. This is about learning to control the immune system. (I’m personally interested in this. I have arthritis and I have friends with MS, arthritis, and other auto-immune diseases.) Clearly controlling the immune system can be a benefit to those like me with an autoimmune disorder, but it could also be a terrifying weapon.

God, I hope we use this power wisely.