Good Bye Sarah

Palin QuitterSo yesterday was Sarah Palin’s last day as Governor of Alaska. I, for one, will not miss her and I feel she has now, happily, taken herself out of any serious running for President in 2012 and hopefully beyond.
I listened to her interviews. I listen to her speeches and I have come to the conclusion that she does not have the intellectual chops for higher office. This is all besides and beyond personal issues I have with the woman and her election methods and style.
I realize that there are readers of this blog who are and remain Palin supporters. That is a choice you are free to make and I would defend against all attackers your right to make that decision.

h/t to The Daily Show for the wonderful photomanip for her send-off.


4 thoughts on “Good Bye Sarah”

  1. In other news, the intapuntz site you link to shamelessly promotes the lastest false anti-Palin rumor, of an impending divorce.

  2. You link is at best third hand information. It’s a link to someone saying that a second person has been told by a third person that the third person doesn’t believe Trig is her son. Hearsay once removed you might say.
    Even so it is meaningless. Palin was the subject of my post not what others might believe about Palin.
    (And those who believe that Trig is not her son are far less numerous less active than those who believe that Obama wasn’t born in the USA.)

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