Extended Thoughts on Sarah Palin

sarah-palinThe more I think about it the more I think there’s something we do not know about what is going on with Sarah Palin.
The resignation from the Governor’s desk makes no sense unless somethings else is going on. I think it comes down to a few scenarios.
1) Scandal. There’s some big terrible scandal coming down the way and the only way Sarah could avoid it was by quitting. The problem is that quitting doesn’t help. She loses the pulpit of the office and the services if the government lawyers if it is legal trouble. For the life of me I can’t figure out a scandal that would be improved by quitting.
2) She really is tired of the personal attacks. But if that is the case she’s not going to get away from them by campaigning for others and remaining in politics. The nature of modern politics is that lots of nasty personal attacks are hurled and you better be able to stand up to them. Again, without the bullhorn of the job she’s disarming herself in that fight.
3) She’s gotten a better offer. Some sort of TV show or other major media spotlight that pays better and flatters her ego better. This is credible if that’s what she really wants. To be the conservative Oprah would be a gig she is well suited for — but then again I don;t a high opinion of Oprah as a thinker either. If this is the case we’ll hear about it soon, otherwise why quite now?
4) The job’s not fun anymore. With Oil prices crashing and the economy in a shambles it’s no longer fun being in charge of Alaska. Suddenly there are lots of problems and the money’s much tighter. Perhaps she was never suited for a job that required real decision making and when it started to happen, she bailed.
5) She wants to head up a new party. There’s some talk from the Tea Party folks that they;d love Sarah as the head of their movement. Frankly I think it would kill all serious consideration of their cause. She’d be posion.
or finally–
Maybe her ego wasn’t getting stroked enough. The sort of ties into the criticism angle except instead of running away from attack she’s running toward adoration. Places where people pay $150 a dinner to hear her speak and won;t ask any questions that can’t be responded to with a pat answer.

Honestly, I would not rule out that last one.


3 thoughts on “Extended Thoughts on Sarah Palin”

  1. I have been surprised by the persistence of some people to get Palin, even though the election is long over. Why the heat? And I am not the only one wondering.

    To answer this question is fairly simple. Palin is te biggest elected star in the republican Studio at the moment. What offical coudl out draw her at a fund raiser? None. Rush has a bigger microphone but he is unelected and will always remain so. Palin is THE satr of the conservative movement at the moment and the fight over Plain inside the GOP is really a fight for the direction and soul of the GOP. Of course she’s going to draw lots of heat.

  2. By what yardstick do you measure her Governorship as “Effective and Productive”? (Note I am not saying you are wrong I just want to know how do you measure that. I amy or may not agree with you when I see the evidence.)
    Palin herself said the five hundred thousand in legal bills wasn’t a worry for her. (One of her post-resignation announcement interviews with hated MSM that distorts her words.) Yeah it does look like the FBI rumors were all talk. (Note I did not use them as a particular point, just the idea of scandal in general.)
    I do not think she stepped down for the oddly stated reasons of saving Alaskans money or because as a lame duck she was ineffective. I do think there is another shoe to drop, but only time will tell.

  3. Palin’s record as Governor of Alaska has been effective and productive. That’s probably why she was favored for reelection and why she probably has a higher favorable rating among Alaska voters than Obama does among American voters.

    Sarah Palin ain’t rich, and the slew of frivolous ethics complaints have caused a personal deft of half a million dollars. 15 complaints so far and of the 13 resolved so far she was found innocent. Free of the governorship she is free of fighting more of those charges and free to fundraise to wipe out the debt.

    The malicioius rumors of FBI investigation of Palin turn out to be just that, malicious rumors. The FBI has disavowed any investigations of Palin for any Palin actions past or present.

    I have been surprised by the persistence of some people to get Palin, even though the election is long over. Why the heat? And I am not the only one wondering.

    So see this interesting link to a feminist writing about Sarah Palin…


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