Some people never learn Gov. Mark Sanford’s very entertaining weekend as finally come to it’s horrible and predestined conclusion. When the Governor of a state vanishes for four days and there are conflicting stories from his office and people about where he is and what he is doing, then this can’t end well.
Already I am seeing in the blogosphere the charges of unfair. The LIberal and Democrats are treated this way when they are caught cheating. (Ex-governor Spitzer might disagree a tad with people on that.) Still I can understand their anger, but it is misplaced. Sanford is being treated like this because he was such a family values kind of man. That hypocrisy is what really drive the interest and the blood-hunts.
The best example on the Left is really Al Gore. The right just went all knives and forks after Gore for his excessively large mansion and power consumption. The Left wanted to act like it didn’t matter, but it does. Both Gore and Sanford violated the morals and more they expect the rest of the population to live by.
It’s amazing how people can learn the simple rule, Live by your Morals. If you can’t either something is wrong with you or with your morals.