San Diego Vintage SF :Earth VS The Flying Saucers

Eath VS FlyingAside from the usual board and card games on Friday night, this weekend was the once a month meeting of a local club, San Diego Vintage SF. We get together and watch genre movies from before 1966. Last night we watched Earth Vs The Flying saucers Last night’s version was even colorized. Now normally I would consider it in bad form to watch a B&W film that has been colorized. There is a lot of artistic decision in making a film and you make different ones when you work in B&W vs when you work in color, but this film is different. The film was pretty much shot by Ray Harryhausen the stop-motion effects wizard and he over saw the colorization of the print so I was fine with it.

While the film does have a bit of cheese to it it is still a fine and fun film to watch. A number of the people present had never seen the film and they seemed to enjoy themselves. (Though these club meeting are as much about hanging out with friends as they are movie watching.) Before the film we even watch short features. We had a serial episode (Batman – with the pudgiest Batman ever.) and a couple of cartoons.


A new way to look at the Bush & Obama Administrations

I’m a big fan of John Hodgman, probably best known as PC in the ‘I’m A Mac and I’m a PC” Apple commercials. He a fine comedian and has sharp and pointed intellect.

After the fold is a video of John Hodgman performing at the Radio and Tv Correspondents Diner and he provides not only fine humor but a unique way to look at the changing of the guard in Washington. It’s about 14 min long and it’s best viewed by geeks and nerds.

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