And they wonder why they get called racists?

A common insult hurled at Republicans is one of racism and it is one that is generally undeserved. Sometimes though the writers and thinker on the right say such stupid things and make such unsubstantiated  charges you have to wonder if they really read before they write.
Heather MacDonald at National Review’s Corner

Fifty-three percent of all Latinas under the age of 20 have been pregnant at least once, virtually always outside of wedlock. An official with the Pew Hispanic Center recently recounted to me the gang violence and ubiquitous teen pregnancy in his former high school on the east side of Los Angeles. Such social facts do not help California’s budget situation.

No attribution or source for the statistics. Statistics which feed into the stereotype of of massive number of hispanics just breeding away . For heaven’s sake woman you don’t even tell us which population of latinas this supposed statistic applies to. Just US? Just Souther west? All of them through the tip of South America? This is the kind of drivel that is driving the population away from the Republican party.

The demographic wave is threatening to drown the Republicans and this sort of writing will just drive more and more young people awa.