A Taste of Tears and Blood

The werewolf story now has a title, A Taste of Tears and Blood. I will start writing it on Monday after a bit more period research. This is going to be possible my darkest story yet.

When I think about the ending I am shooting for it unnerves me. It’s an ending that if I read it I think would give me shivers, but I do not know if I can pull it off with my current skill set as a writer. So much about this story is going to go beyond my comfort zone as far as writing goes. It’s going to have a ruthlessly cynical viewpoint about humanity and our relationship with power. This is not something I personally believe but it is something that is required for the narrative.

This I think is a good thing. A writer should write outside of their comfort zone. It’s painless to write where you are happy and safe, it is also death to creativity. This is the trap so many fan fiction writers fall into. We love our shows and we get comfortable in that environment, but only by going beyond your boundaries can you find out what level you are really capable of operating at.

I don’t know if anyone wants a story this dark. I don’t know if anyone wants a story about werewolves that aren’t based on full moons, silver, and transmission via bites, but I am going to write it anyway.

This is part of being bold and a writer should also be bold.