A sad commentary

Today after seeing the movies UP! at my local gigaplex I walked over to the trolley stop to wait my trolley home. While waiting I decided to have a small milkshake and went into the creamery next-door to get it.
The young woman at the counter was about seventeen and competent in mixing the milkshake and ringing it up for me. While we waited for the machine to approve my spending she noticed and commented on the shirt I was wearing. (A tee-shirt with an American Astronaut on the moon with the legend underneath Finders Keepers.) I thanked her for her kind words and then she asked—
Do you really think we went to the moon?
She did not say this in jest or in a sarcastic tone. She truly thought it was possible that the moon landing was faked. gods save me.
I told her I knew we had gone to the moon because I had been there when Apollo 17 lifted off. One does not fire a forty story missile off as a hoax.

I left with my shake and shaken.