Late Update from BayCon 2009

Well this day has come to an end and I a still having fun at Baycon 2009. Overall I have been happy with this convention and I a quite happy that I came. (Even with a 9 hour car ride each way.)

Today was primarily a writing sort of day. The first panel was called IRON EDITOR. People brought 2 pages of Manuscript to be edited on the spot. I did this. The Manuscripts were projected on a screen and the panel editors then had at it.

mine did not escape undamaged, but it wasn’t mortally wounded either. It was a very interesting process to watch.
Next was the three hour writer’s workshop. That was very interesting and very helpful. I brought the first chapter of Love and Loyalty to be workshopped. the submission guidelines indicated that if you brought a section of a larger work you should include a synopsis of the larger work.
While the feedback on the chapter was useful, the feedback on the synopsis was invaluable. That was practically worth the trip alone.

I have a slight headache now but I will tour the parties and tomorrow we start our trip home.