Night Of The Screaming Brain

So last night was The Night Of The Screaming Brain.
It started at work when I had a headache generated due to a telephone call. The connection was very bad and with every word spoken there was a burst of static that sounded like celophane being crushed into the mike.
At home the headache got bad enough that I had to retreat from the bright LCD screen of my TV and hide in my darkened bedroom.
By about 10 p.m. the headache departed for parts unknown but I was left with an overactive brain.
Dead tired I tried to sleep but the brain refused to cooperate with me. It kept throwing off ideas and covering the same ground in circles like a blood hound stuck trying to find a scent.
I did finally get some sleep, but not enough. The upside to all this is I think I starting to have an interesting take on a werewolf story.